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About Me

Far-Reaching Experience and Expertise
Paulette brings an unmatched blend of experience and expertise to her work. In fact, she has been a
licensed REALTOR® since 2008. That experience led her to create Philly Permit Expediters, LLC.

“As a REALTOR® working with buyers, sellers and investors, one of the things I got involved with was
helping out-of-town investors who are purchasing properties to make the process operate more
smoothly,” she recalls. “While doing so, I’ve had to deal with the City of Philadelphia License & Inspections (L&I) Department. It was a terrible experience where people had to tale a ticket to go
through the process, but it was a necessary evil for the investors I worked with who had several
properties. So I decided to take care of that for them.”

Paulette later decided to get her license to become an expediter. Soon, she learned how to navigate the
process with the City of Philadelphia L&I Department.

“I developed a good relationship with the office staff at the city. With time, it got easier and easier. I
started picking up more clients because I could answer more and more of their questions,” Paulette

Paulette also has her contractor’s license, and works on projects through her company — Pink Brick
Developers LLC. In turn, she married her real estate and construction knowledge with her growing
experience with expediting permits with the city of Philadelphia.

“The next thing I knew, I was doing more expediting than I was with real estate,” she says. “I enjoy
dealing with all of the elements of this work, including the people, paperwork and real estate partners,

as well as architects, plumbers, electricians and more. Along the way, I get a lot of satisfaction out of
delivering results to my clients. I love this work.”

As part of her work, Paulette also assists people with getting or renewing their contractor, electrician
and plumbing licenses, along with facilitating project permits.

Delivering the Difference
Along the way, service is central to the difference Paulette delivers.

“We know who to talk with and when to follow-up with phone calls to stay on top of things,” she says.
“We have a drive to do the follow-through and work with diligence to make sure people get what they
need to move projects forward.”

Paulette’s personal, consultative approach uncovers needs—and solutions.

“When I talk with people as part of the permitting process, I always ask them to fully explain their
project to me. If I know exactly what they’re trying to do, I can serve them better and save them time,”
Paulette says. “When I have that information, I can draw on my knowledge of what’s required, and tell
them what will be needed for the various aspects of each project. For example, permit fees vary based
on the scope of work that’s involved, and on the price that the work was estimated at.”

Finding a Way Forward
When hurdles arise, those in the industry know they can depend on Paulette to find a way through. She
helps people move forward when they experience stop-work orders by connecting the dots to needed
paperwork and facilitating the needed follow-up inspection work.

Her work with her real estate partners is varied.

“We get quite a few inquiries from REALTORS® who have questions on topics such as zoning, including
issues such as commercial mixed-use properties,” she explains. “Through my experience, I’ve learned
the various zoning laws and when a use change comes into play.”

Paulette provides value that lasts beyond the project itself, as well.

“We provide information to those we work with for their tax records,” she says. “We keep track of each
permit for projects that we’re involved with. That’s information we make available to people whenever
then need documentation down the road.”

Paulette’s passion for her work is clear.

“I really like talking with the people I come in contact with, understanding what they need and easing
their fears … letting them know I understand, then explaining the process so they know they’re not

Life’s Foundations
Away from work, Paulette enjoys time spent with her family, including her 28-year-old daughter,
Manijah, her 18-year-old son, Branden, and her 5-year-old daughter, Kyndall.

In her free time, Paulette enjoys going out to eat, and reading—especially motivational and self-
development topics. She’s also a big believer in planning and goal-setting tools such as vision boards.
As she says, “I just believe that what you place into the universe is what you get back.”
Paulette is the only minority-owned and female-led permit expediter company in the Philadelphia area.
As she thinks about her work, she smiles.

“I love what I do, and I enjoy putting everything I have into getting the job done for my clients,” she

With a relentless spirit and drive to deliver, it’s easy to see why Paulette continues to clear the way and
reach results for those around her.

For more information about Philly Permit Expediters, LLC:
Office Phone: 610-925-9170

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