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Prerequisite Approvals

Prerequisite approvals 

A special approval from the Philadelphia Fire Department is needed for high-rise buildings and fireworks displays in the City of Philadelphia. These approvals need to be in place before you can apply for a High-Rise License or Fireworks Display Permit.


Art Commission

The Art Commission is Philadelphia’s design review board and part of the Department of Planning and Development. It ensures that development in Philadelphia is beautiful, orderly, and appropriate so that the City is a desirable place to live, visit, and do business.

Street Department

The Department of Streets maintains 320 bridges and 2,525 miles of streets and highways. The department issues permits for temporary street closures and no parking areas for events, construction work, or a streetery.

Historical Commission

The City of Philadelphia's Historical Commission ensures the preservation of Philadelphia's historic resources and properties. The Commission is also part of The Department of Planning and Development and its staff reviews building permit applications and nominations to the register.

City Planning Commission

The Philadelphia City Planning Commission (PCPC) guides investment and growth in Philadelphia. As part of the Philadelphia Department of Planning and Development, the PCPC is a bridge between the public and the government.

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