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You'll save both time and money. We will take you through the entire process, transferring our knowledge of everything you need to know to get your building permit and/or license successfully approved in Philadelphia with as few headaches as possible.


Zoning Code Assessments

The Zoning Code Assessment identifies opportunities for improving the City’s existing zoning regulations. The document describes which parts of the Zoning Ordinance function well, which parts are broken and need modification, and which parts should be removed altogether. The intent is to educate the public and appointed/elected officials and serve as the foundation for the new Zoning Code.

Permit Process Consulting

Learning how to expedite permits and licenses, obtain city prerequisites, properly submit additional information so your project doesn’t get thrown out, minimize timelines by getting as much work included in one permit as possible, and effectively execute and manage such projects.

Project Feasibility Reports​

The feasibility analysis is an in-depth study of all of the factors your plans are comprised of, as well as a detailed analysis of the logistics of each of the plan components. Each feasibility analysis assesses the viability of all aspects of your plan so that you can be aware of all the requirements, roadblocks, and restrictions associated with your new development.

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